Leadership Tip: “Do You Like Working Here?”

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Ever notice how you don't notice things until you have particular interest that comes up?  Like thinking about getting a new car and you consider Mini Coopers - suddenly you see Minis all over the road.  It's like that for me with leadership.  I'm constantly noticing examples of good and bad leadership everywhere as I move through my day.  

Recently I had some dental problems that required care from two medical teams - one was my regular dentist and the other an oral surgery team.  Both coordinated their work seamlessly.

For the surgery, I was taken care of by a doctor and several dental assistants. All went smoothly. They were technically skilled, worked very well together as a team, and were empathetic toward my safety and comfort. A great experience – if you can say that about being deep drilled in the mouth.

At one point, the doctor left the room and two assistants remained to complete the procedure. I asked, “You all seem to work well together. Do you like working here?” Their answer was immediate - no hesitation. “Oh, yes we love it here.” I asked, “Why?” They said, “because the doctors treat us the same way they treat our patients – with respect and care for our well-being.”

Both practices are very successful. The family practice has one dentist and a staff of 8. The surgical practice is led by two doctors with a staff of 20. And both have figured out the balance between technical competence and bedside (chairside?) manner. An important part of that balance is having the right staff and taking care of them.

And, as a very unusual extra, I received a small plant with a thank you note from the oral surgeon and my regular dentist. Wow! Never got a plant from a dentist before!

Will I heartily recommend both of them in the future?
You Bet!

Action Steps:

  • What would your people say if asked “do you like working here?”
  • How can you take better care of your people and your internal or external customers?  
  • Anybody you could surprise with a plant?

Charles St.John

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  • Dennis Green says:

    Great example of people working together and how leadership sets the tone. You are so right that begins with strong leaders who make their colleagues and clients feel valued. Fine post, Charles.

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