Here's What Others Say
About Their Work with Charles:
» "I thought I would share some feedback I received about our meeting yesterday from one of my staff:

'I just would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the team meeting yesterday. It has been a very long time since I came away from a team meeting that I actually left feeling better about my job and what I do. Thank you for the encouragement that what I do at work makes a difference.'

Did my heart good. I really think yesterday's meeting was a success. Thank you so much for the coaching on how to carry out the meeting. I really appreciate it. - Jackie M. - CFO

» "I've been involved in the past with many different trainers, facilitators, teachers, etc...Charles is truly magic!  He is flexible, makes the topic interesting, does not discount ideas, communicates effectively and knows his topic.  He's a leader!" John B.
» "Very helpful in managing through all the changes going on." - Erica L.
» "Reinforced my leadership style." - Carlos S.
» "World class not only applies to programs and companies but to people as well.  Thanks!" - Nate G.
» "I am extremely excited about utilizing my newly gained skills at work and in my personal life." - Paulo M.
» "You're the Best!" - Dave G.
» "Thanks for the great support and coaching." - Shanika J.
» "Charles is a great listener and coach.  He helped me figure out a tough problem I've been wrestling with."  - Sara T.
» "Thank you for teaching me to share the vision." - Maura H.
» "Enthusiastic, well-experienced, full of real-world examples.  Great job!"         - Hideki Y.
» "Thanks for all the coaching." - Doug D.
» "Thank you for modeling the way and sharing your life with us." - Debbie W.