How to get the most out of these blog posts:
  • pick one that stands out for you.
  • think about it and start working on the suggested action steps today. 
  • when you have made progress and are ready - pick another one.
  • Tip: don't work on more than one at a time. You are busy. Trying to tackle several leadership issues at the same time will cause you to lose focus and energy and reduce your level of success. Take them one at a time - bite size. And make sure to feel good about the progress you make.

Leadership Tip: Are You Ready To Go?

Time to Read: X mins Heading Body copy Action Steps: Charles St.John P.S. Tell me what you think – add your comments below. ...more

Leadership Tip: “Do You Like Working Here?”

Time to Read: X mins Heading Body copy Action Steps: Charles St.John P.S. Tell me what you think – add your comments below. ...more

Leadership Tip: What To Do with Your Blunders and Absurdities

Time to Read: 1 min... In this post, I thought I’d share with you a bit of wisdom I have on display in my office as a personal reminder: “Finish ...more

Leadership Tip: What Are Your Spheres of Influence?

Time to Read: 1 min... We all have them. Everybody is part of several spheres in which they have influence. Definition: “a field or area in which an individual has ...more

What Leaders Can Learn from Goldfish and Rottweilers

Time to Read: 2 mins... Metaphors and word pictures fascinate me. I seem to grasp ideas faster and better when I form an image in my mind of an issue ...more

Serve Up Some Kind Words Today

Time to Read: 1 min... The following short email string, with just the names redacted, was sent by a nurse to the Lead Cook at a health care facility. The ...more

Wisdom from a Hopi Elder

Time to Read: 1 min... A Hopi Elder tells us: “It is time to speak your truth, create your community, be good to each other.And do not look outside yourself ...more

How to Lead When Everything Will Be Different – 3 Things You Can Do

Time to Read: 2 mins... A tiny virus is creating massive change. The worldwide scale and the lack of an immediate cure for COVID-19 means that our fundamental systems are ...more

Work From Home Tips

Time to Read: 1 min… Due to COVID-19 we all are having to make a lot of adjustments to our work and personal lives. Not the least of which, for ...more

How to Lead Through Dark Times

Time to Read: 2 mins...   ​When you are dealing with sudden changes, your people are looking for answers and support in two main areas: HEAD – what’s the problem and ...more

What’s Your Knack? – Part 1…You

Time to Read: 2 mins...   Knack is a special, innate talent – something you are naturally good at.Some examples:Mary has a knack for numbers – she can look at a ...more

Go Climb a Tree

Time to Read: 1.5 mins...   Let’s say your team’s task is to cut a path through dense forest. Your job, as their leader, is to make sure 5 things happen:​Support: ...more


Time to Read: 1 min...   ​Happens all the time. You, or one of your team, suggests a new idea and another person immediately and assertively says “Yeah-but…”Yeah-but…We don’t have any budget ...more

Create an Updraft

Time to Read: 2 mins...   One of the requirements of effective leadership is to provide hope and encouragement. To boost your team’s confidence and help them see the pathway forward. ...more

A Heartfelt Thank You to the Jerks I have Worked For

Time to Read: 2 mins...   We've all had them.  Great leaders that inspire us, stretch us, and help us achieve things we never thought we could.  And...we've had bosses who don't ...more

An Extraordinary Film that Will Inspire You as a Leader

Time to Read: 1 min...  Time for Video: 30 mins...   Need a boost of confidence and energy? Here’s a film that I watch whenever I want to be reminded of why ...more

10 Crucial Deliverables Your People Expect from You As a Leader – Or You’re Toast!!

Time to Read: 2 mins...   This post is based on an actual list of expectations 75 middle managers of a large company asked me to convey to their senior executives. ...more

How Will You Spend the Next Hour?

Time to Read: 1 min...   Every hour you spend in meetings maintaining the status quo is an hour spent as a manager. Every hour you spend enabling your people to challenge, ...more

Eagle, Duck, Turkey, or Vulture – How Do You Fly as a Leader?

Time to Read: 2 mins... Leaders come in several types of feathers. Ducks are cute but paddle around in circles, turkeys don’t fly so good, and vultures are hated. Eagles, ...more

Learning 3D Chess

Time to Read: 2 mins...   Early in my career I had a sales manager named John who was a brilliant coach and developer of talent. There were eight of us ...more

Weirdest Memo Ever?

Time to Read: 2 mins...   The memo below is real.  It has parts redacted to mask the source.  But it is an actual memo that was distributed to all employees ...more

Which of These Timeless Mistakes Do You Make?

Time to Read: 1 min...   Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman statesman, orator, lawyer, and philosopher who died in 43 BC in the time of Julius Caesar.  Cicero famously recorded ...more