Weirdest Memo Ever?

Time to Read: 2 mins...   

The memo below is real.  It has parts redacted to mask the source.  But it is an actual memo that was distributed to all employees of a regional office of a large, 50+ year old, international company.  I'm going to hold my commentary until after you read it.  See what you think.  

This is a very well organized and clear memo - everyone knows what they are responsible for and when to do it. But, you have to be kidding me - the task is totally absurd - shaving chair fuzz???!!!

Is this the highest and best use of staff time? What impact might this have on morale? What does it say about priorities? Drop what you are doing and go shave fuzz!!! Maybe it would make more sense if tequila was involved!!

Where does this rank on your weird scale?

Charles St.John

Got any strange memos to share?  Send them to me.

  • Eric Siler says:

    Nice Work! I know people like the “fuzz shaver.” How funny, and true! Thank you.

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