Great acts are made up of small deeds.

      Lao Tzu

Bite Size Leadership (BSL) is all about helping you understand what those small deeds are and how to do them well - so you become a better boss today.

Why Bite Size?

A lot of leadership development is like a “drink from a fire-hose” – great stuff - but too much, too fast, and too hard to put into practice. Books are great too, but it’s hard to find the time to spend hours reading just to get a nugget or two. Here, at BSL, we’ve done the reading and the workshops for you. We break it all down into manageable actions you can fit into your busy day – all stuff you can use now, to up your game as a leader.

Is BSL For You?
  • Yes, if you are in the for-profit, government, or non-profit sectors.
  • Yes, if you are in mid-management, a supervisory role, or are new to leadership.
  • Yesif you are an owner or manager of a small to medium-size business. 
  • Yes, if you are curious about leadership for any reason and want to learn more - (Got an idea you want to enroll others in? Want to get that community project off the ground?)
  • Maybe, if you are in senior management or C-level and want to be an even more effective leader. BSL will give you tips to fine-tune your game and to share with your organization.
  • No, if you don’t fit into any of the above or if you are a vulture (see my post about this type of leader). But then, if you are that kind of bird you aren’t likely to have read this far anyway.
What Sets BSL Apart?
  • Action Oriented – every post includes an action step you can use right away.
  • Time Effective – pick what seems most useful and implement it on your schedule. 
  •  Both Bite Size and In-Depth – most of the site is devoted to simple, easy-to-do actions. But leadership is a large and complex subject. So we will also take a  deeper look into some topics in the form of "how-to" pdfs, and mini-courses - all with the same Bite Size action theme.

On This Site You Will Find:

  • Blog Posts – quick 1-2minute reads - all with specific action suggestions.
  • Good Boss/Bad Boss Stories – about inspiring leaders and the “What were they thinking?” ones. Got a story to share? ... send it to us.
  • Mini-Courses and a Book – on the drawing board and due for release later in 2022.
  • Resources, links and much more.

Tell Me What You Need

Let me know what leadership issue is top of your list and what other topics you would like me to explore. What you would like released next? 

Thanks for visiting,