We've all had them. Great bosses that inspire us, stretch us, and help us achieve things we never thought we could.  And...we've had bosses who don't have a clue. They do things that make us slap our foreheads, and go "OMG."

In my career I may have learned more from my bad bosses because I was so amazed at the weird things they did that I said to myself, "When I get my shot at being the boss, I may not know yet exactly what I should do - but I sure know what not to do!"

Here are a couple of examples:

Learning 3D Chess

Early in my career I had a Sales Manager named John who was a brilliant coach and developer of talent. [...]

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Weirdest Memo Ever?

The memo below is real.  It has parts redacted to mask the source.  But it is an actual memo that [...]

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