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Leadership Tip: Want to Be a Bright Light in Your Organization’s Power Grid? Be Shirley!

Time to Read: 2.5 mins… Every organization has an org chart which shows the management hierarchy and reporting relationships, usually in some form of pyramid structure, which most employees are familiar with. Every organization also has a “Power Grid” which is almost never mapped out or even thought about. Yet it is the Power Grid […]

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Leadership Tip: What Are Your Spheres of Influence?

Time to Read: 1 min…  We all have them. Everybody is part of several spheres in which they have influence. Definition: “a field or area in which an individual has power to affect events and developments.”The most obvious area is at work where, as a leader, you have direct influence over those who report to you. […]

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What Leaders Can Learn from Goldfish and Rottweilers

Time to Read: 2 mins…   Metaphors and word pictures fascinate me. I seem to grasp ideas faster and better when I form an image in my mind of an issue that I’m interested in. Recently I ran across two articles which used powerful images that brought recent events into sharp focus for me and made me […]

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How to Lead When Everything Will Be Different – 3 Things You Can Do

Time to Read: 2 mins…   A tiny virus is creating massive change. The worldwide scale and the lack of an immediate cure for COVID-19 means that our fundamental systems are being challenged and shaken. Your team, your organization, and the world around you are shifting and morphing in order to survive. Your leadership must change […]

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Go Climb a Tree

Time to Read: 1.5 mins…   Let’s say your team’s task is to cut a path through dense forest. Your job, as their leader, is to make sure 5 things happen:​Support: make sure they have enough water, food, sharp saws, protective gear, etc. to accomplish the task.Training: individually, do they have sufficient skill to do their […]

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Time to Read: 1 min…   ​Happens all the time. You, or one of your team, suggests a new idea and another person immediately and assertively says “Yeah-but…”Yeah-but…We don’t have any budget for thatWe’ll never get approval to do itWe’ve always done it this wayIt’s too risky – nobody’s ever done that beforeWhat will others think?What if […]

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How Will You Spend the Next Hour?

Time to Read: 1 min…   Every hour you spend in meetings maintaining the status quo is an hour spent as a manager. Every hour you spend enabling your people to challenge, change, and improve the status quo is an hour spent as a leader.Both are necessary.  It’s a matter of priority and balance.Here’s how most managers […]

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Learning 3D Chess

Time to Read: 2 mins…   Early in my career I had a sales manager named John who was a brilliant coach and developer of talent. There were eight of us who worked for him in a regional office of a global company. I recall the first time I was scheduled to present a proposal to a […]

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