Create an Updraft

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One of the requirements of effective leadership is to provide hope and encouragement. To boost your team’s confidence and help them see the pathway forward. To create updrafts that will speed individuals, teams and the whole organization toward success.  

If you want to paraglide, you need an updraft to get you off the ground and to keep you aloft.

Downdrafts can be deadly. Complainers, gossipers and nay-sayers can kill energy and forward momentum. You know what I’m talking about – every office has them.

In between these two extremes there are natural gravitational forces that tend to pull us downward. Politics, lack of time and resources, conflicts, errors, inexperience, etc. can slow us down psychologically and emotionally. This can make us feel weary and lose confidence.  When this occurs, the team needs an updraft.

Paragliders look for locations that have consistent, strong upward wind currents. Be that place for your people. Someone they can count on to give them a boost when they need it and even when they don’t realize they need it.  Build a reputation as a leader who makes people feel stronger and more confident. The payoff, whatever your bottom line, can be significant.

Action Steps: 

  • Who/what gives you an updraft?
  • Practically, how do you see updrafts benefiting you and your team?
  • Today, right now, create an updraft for someone. Yes – right now!!
  • How did they react?  How did you feel? 
  • Also be an updraft outside of work - at home, with friends...
  • Ready?  Do it several more times this week! Make it a habit.

Charles St.John

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  • Ruby Martinez, PhD, RN says:

    I love this! I like the metaphor of flying and updrafts, but I like that you said go make a difference for someone RIGHT NOW by offering hope or encouragement. Relationship building along with clear expectations make it happen! Thanks for asking my opinion.

    Ruby J. Martinez, PhD, RN

  • Valued Subscriber says:

    GREAT!!!!! Thank you Charles! I LOVE the photo and the leadership bite was perfect. Cheers! Eric S.

    • Charles St.John says:

      Thanks Eric.

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