Leadership Tip: Are You Ready To Go?

Time to Read: 1 min...

In a recent Time magazine article, Congresswoman Katie Porter was described as “Fully prepared. Ready to go. Leaning forward.”

One of her former law students said, “She’s unwilling to let a teachable moment pass.  She didn’t treat her students any differently than she treated a CEO in front of Congress. She expected you to be prepared.”

Seems to me that these are attributes that every leader would aspire to - and expect of their people. They are the opposite of what you sometimes hear from “C” players:

  • "Good enough for government work."
  • "It's ok, I can wing it."
  • "I'm ready - kinda."
  • "We can fix it later."
  • "Let's just fake it till we make it."
  • "Too much effort to prepare fully."
  • "Nobody will notice, and they don't care anyway."

None of which you would hear from a high-performance leader or team.

Action Steps:

  • Give some thought to how “prepared and ready” you and your people are.
  • How could you be better able to handle whatever comes at you? 
  • What is getting in the way? What holds you and your team back?
  • What would improve your readiness? Training, coaching, role or goal clarity…?

What are your thoughts? – add your comments below.

Charles St.John

PS: If you are a US citizen at home or abroad, remember to vote early!